SmartLock dongle support for Windows 10 and USB 3.0

The SmartLock dongle supports Windows 10 and USB 3.0 ports.

However, some customers have experienced a problem using the dongle with USB 3.0, whereby the dongle is not recognised. This problem is resolved by changing a BIOS setting.

In the BIOS on the PC, change the setting “USB EHCI Port Debug” from the default value of “Disable” to “Enable”. After changing the setting a reboot of Windows is required.

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SmartLock Provides Low-cost Software Copy Protection

SmartLock is an Advanced Technology For Software Piracy Protection
The figures are staggering … a study conducted by information-technology research firm IDC, found that roughly one out of every three copies of personal computing software installed and used on PCs is pirated. While this rate of piracy fluctuates from country to country, globally it has remained steady for many years.

If you are a software producer and you want to survive in the very competitive software market, the last thing you can afford is to lose two-thirds of your revenue to software piracy. So what you must do is ensure that your software product is well protected from piracy. You need a solid piracy protection solution, at low cost, that is quick and easy to implement. SmartLock is the answer!

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